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Palestine …. Burning Nablus Baby is repeated terrorism crime


Cairo, 1 August 2015



Burning Nablus Baby is repeated terrorism crime

The World should condemn and ensure the punishment of the savage terrorists

The occupation is the cause origin.. No way out unless this occupation ends


The Arab organization For Human rights (AOHR) express its deep condemnation to this new terrorism crime burning the Palestinian Baby “Ali Saad Dowabsha” (18 Months) on the hands of herds of settler’s savages setting fire in two houses while their inhabitants were asleep in the village of Doma northern West Bank.

This crime comes after the settlers set fire in the two houses during their residents were asleep, among the injured persons the parents of the burnt baby and his brother (5 years), suffering serious burns of varying degrees.

This Terrorist and scary crime is one of the systematic crimes committed by the herbs of settlers under the protection of the racist colonial authority in all parts of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

This new crime doesn’t represent a new pattern, it’s a reflection for the terrorism systematic crimes committed by the colonial authority, and constitutes a racist crime as defined by the UN committee for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination.

The Israeli occupation provides the platform for such crimes through the crime of settlement and seizing Palestinians properties by force, as an extension to its serious and gross violation for human rights and for the humanitarian international law, specially the rules of treating civilians during war and under occupation According to the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949.

The international silence about the continuation gives the causes to the escalation of crime and serious Israelis offenses against the United Nation resolutions. This crime comes while the world remembers the killing the child Mohamed Bu-Khodeir (15 years) after been tortured in occupied east Jerusalem mid 2014.

The AOHR realizes that The weaken of the international community to take responsibility to face the violations of the Human rights and the Israeli war crimes were and still are the main reason of international tension and instability in the Arab region.

The AOHR believe that the international community should regains its collective role to solve the main end the occupation of the Palestinian territories, and such process doesn’t need negotiations as it needs an immediate time schedule for the occupation withdrawal according to international law.

The AOHR re-confirms the collective responsibility and capabilities of the Arab governments -despite all the ongoing crises in the initiate the international community’s responsibilities, as well as to provide variety sorts of support to Palestinians through international decision making systems and on the ground of reality.

The AOHR also re-stress the need to the support of the Arab people movements to the Palestinians, and definite that the success of the Arab revolutions and reform movements will be conditioned with the level of support to the Palestinian People’s Rights.

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