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A memorandum on preventing Dr. “Magdy Abdel Hamid” from traveling

لوجة المنظمة الأنجليزي للموقع

The undersigned are writing to express deep outrage at the fact that the Egyptian authorities prevented Dr. Magdy Abdel Hamid, President of the Egyptian Association for the Enhancement of Community Participation, from traveling to Amman to participate in the Forum Organized by the EU on Partnership with the Civil Society in the Neighborhood South focusing on Democracy and Development.

Dr. Magdy was informed that this prohibition came at the request of the investigating judge in the case known as “NGO 173″.

The undersigned hereby declare their full solidarity with Dr. Magdy Abdel Hamid and the all defenders of Human Rights who are subjected to various forms of restrictions, including the right to movement.

The signatories also demand that the Egyptian authorities reconsider their current policies in dealing with human rights organizations and abide by their international obligations to protect the right to organize and enable civil society to play its role in the process of democracy and development.

Jordan on 10 Octobre 2017

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