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Press Release

2- لوجه التعاون

Ref: 27/2018

Date: 07 July 2018


Press Release,

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee :  For the 15th consecutive Friday, the Israeli occupation forces continue commit crimes against peaceful demonstrators in the return and siege break marches, killing a citizen and injuring 396 others.

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee of the National Commission for the Return and Siege Breaking Marches strongly condemns the Israeli occupation forces continuous targeting of the Palestinians who participated in the peaceful demonstrations for the 15th consecutive Friday (the Friday of ” United to foil the deal and break the siege “). Where the Israeli occupation forces deliberately since Friday noon 06 July 2018 until 20:00 local time, employed violent response by the use of excessive and lethal armed force against the demonstrators, killing two of the citizens (Mohammed Jamal Elayan Abu Halima, 22 yr) and injured 369 others. Among the injuries were 13 children, 3 women, 5 paramedics and a journalist.

In the course of the past week, the Israeli occupation forces killed two children and wounded another on June 29, 2018, where the Israeli occupation forces fired two artillery shells at them on the border – southern Gaza Strip. On the 2nd of July, the Israeli occupation forces killed a Palestinian civilian and injured 2 others, one of them was a child while they were infiltrating into the occupied territories southern Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces chased them into Gaza Strip and arrested them. In both incidents, the civilians were not armed and none of them posed a threat to the Israeli soldiers, which shows the disregard of the occupation forces for the lives of civilians through the excessive use of force and disregard for the principles of proportionality, necessity and discrimination contained in the rules and conventions of international humanitarian law.

On 3/7/2018, the Israeli occupation forces injured 134 of the participants in the women’s march in which tens of thousands of women participated. Moreover, on 4/7/2018, the Ministry of Health announced the death of the child Mahmoud Dawood, who was injured on 14/5/2018, while participating in the march of Jerusalem.

In separate incidents during the past week, the Israeli occupation forces targeted with guided missiles a number of kites flyers in an attempt to kill them, this repeated escalation follows a campaign that continues to exaggerate the danger of kites and thermal balloons and claims that they have become military targets in an attempt to justify targeting peaceful civilians participating in the return marches.

Its worth mentioning that during the period between March 30, 2018 and July 07, 2018, the occupation forces have killed 136 civilians, including 17 children, 2 women, 2 journalists, 2 paramedics, and injured 15051 citizens, of whom 2525 were children, 1158 women, 181 journalists, 318 paramedics and medical personnel.

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee of the National Commission for the Return and Siege Breaking Marches stresses on the peacefulness of the return marches and its activities, it considers the deliberate killing and wounding of the Palestinian demonstrators by the Israeli occupation forces to be a clear denial of the human rights system and international law. The Committee confirms that the method of the Israeli occupation forces to deal with the peaceful Palestinian demonstrators came within the framework of implementing a systematic plan and a political decision of the highest level in the Israeli occupation state, and it affirms that it has dozens of irrefutable evidence on the Israeli occupation forces deliberate killing and injuring demonstrators through the use of lethal force. Despite that no one posed any danger to the lives of Zionist soldiers, the Committee also considers that the repeated crimes of targeting kites flyers provides further evidence of the unwillingness of the Occupation to respect the established international legal principles and in particular the principles of proportionality and discrimination. Therefore, the Legal Committee demands the following :

  1. The Legal Committee salutes the tens of thousands of participants, who participated extensively in the feminist march on 3/7/2018, and on Friday to foil the deal and break the siege, expressing its solidarity with the families of the martyrs and the wounded and promise them to work hard to expose Israeli crimes.
  2. The Legal Committee confirms that the Israeli occupation forces deliberate killing of the demonstrators is a war crime in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court, and it renews its warning to the Israeli occupation and its military forces against the policy of deliberately targeting civilians and demonstrators and to hold them responsible for this, and sees that the impunity of the occupation leaders and the continued political, financial and military support by the United States, encouraging the occupation forces to commit more crimes against the Palestinians.
  3. The Legal Committee condemns the Israeli incitement against the peaceful marches, in violation of the right to peaceful assembly guaranteed by international covenants, and affirms that all justifications and claims by the occupation state that human rights laws do not apply to the state of the demonstrations in Gaza Strip or that they exercise their right to defend themselves is false and illegal as this right does not belong to the occupation state, but to the people who resist the occupier. The Committee considers this incitement is an attempt to militarize the popular marches and justify the expansion of targeting and killing the peaceful demonstrators participating in the return marches.
  4. The Legal Committee salutes all the Arab and international positions that have expressed their rejection of the liquidation plans of Palestinian rights and their condemnation of the crimes of the Israeli occupation and their solidarity with the demonstrators and the rights of the Palestinian people, the latest of which was the Socialist International adoption of a resolution to boycott Israel and impose sanctions on it. It also salutes the State of Sweden, which condemned the crimes of the occupation and demanded the lifting of the siege, and urges all States and Arab, regional and international organizations to escalate political, diplomatic and legal pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop its crimes in the occupied territories.
  5. The Legal Committee salutes the Swedish activist “Benjamin Ladraa”, who traveled thousands of kilometers on foot, across the borders and continents, and for 11 months to send a message of solidarity with the rights of our Palestinian people and strongly condemning the Israeli occupation forces from entering the Palestinian territories, and it strongly condemns the Israeli occupation forces for preventing him from entering the occupied Palestinian territories, considering that the Israeli actions against him and the right of other solidarity activists unequivocally demonstrate the desire and planning of the occupation to hide its crimes.
  6. The Legal Committee calls upon the international community, the United Nations bodies, the Human Rights Council and the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Convention to carry out their moral and legal responsibilities to protect Palestinian civilians and demonstrators in the popular march “the return march” and hold the occupation leaders accountable for the crimes committed against the participants and peaceful demonstrators.
  7. The Legal Committee renews its call on the International Human Rights Council to accelerate the formation of the Fact-Finding Commission and ensure that its members have extensive experience in this field and have the integrity to work independently and transparently.
  8. The Legal Committee calls upon the Palestinian leadership to refer the crimes of the occupation against the demonstrators and all files to the Permanent International Criminal Court, under article 14 of the Rome Charter, and not only to refer the file of settlements, which would ensure that the Israeli criminals will be held accountable. It also reiterates its call on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to make a fair decision to open a criminal investigation into Israeli crimes committed in the Palestinian case.
  9. The Legal Committee calls upon the President and the Palestinian Government to immediately begin lifting the punitive and illegal measures imposed on Gaza Strip and to take all measures to strengthen the steadfastness of the citizens in Gaza Strip and Jerusalem and the creation of climates to restore national unity on the basis of the rule of law and political partnership.
  10. The Legal Committee urges the solidarity movements with the Palestinian people and the Palestinians in all gatherings to act on all legal, political, diplomatic, human rights and popular levels to ensure the support of the return marches and the demands of the participants, which will contribute to the boycott, isolation and accountability of the Israeli occupation state and to strengthen the protection of the Palestinians and to support their struggle to lift the siege imposed on Gaza Strip for the twelfth consecutive year, and to end the crimes of colonial settlement and racial discrimination, the Judaization of Jerusalem and implement the right to return of Palestinian refugees in accordance with Resolution 194, in order to end their seventy years of suffering.


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