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Special Report 30 weeks of systematic killing of peaceful demonstrators in the Gaza Strip …. Gaza – October 2018

2- لوجه التعاون


  1. The Israeli occupation forces imposed a total closure on Gaza Strip, which began in 2006 after the victory of Hamas in the legislative elections, which continued for more than a decade, this closure imposed restrictions on movement, travel, water supplies, electricity, treatment, entry of goods and reduction of fishing distance, causing extremely difficult living conditions, in addition to deteriorating economic conditions.
  2. The Palestinian refugees calls to demonstrate on the eastern border of Gaza Strip have escalated in response to the escalating humanitarian crisis against the refugees in Gaza Strip and the decision of the United States to transfer its embassy to occupied Jerusalem, demanding to implement the UN Resolution 194, in particular its eleventh paragraph, which provides for their return to their homes and to ensure fair compensation for the suffering of asylum they have faced, and did announce the launch of these events on the anniversary of the Earth Day forty-second, March 30, 2018, and set up tents in five gatherings on the eastern border of Gaza strip for the purpose of sit-in, stressing through the document of principles they published that their movements are peaceful and will not use violent means. In addition, the organizers have expressed their goal of mobility and called for their protection by sending letters to the UN Secretary-General and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which expressed the support of refugees’ rights to peaceful assembly, while the Israeli occupation leaders expressed their fear of crossing the border, although no calls were made by the organizers of it, and a number of ministers of the Israeli government said that the army would use the force to deal with demonstrators approaching the border……. Read More… Press here

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