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About Us

The definition of the Arab Organization for Human Rights:

The Arab Organization for Human Rights

  • Established in 1983 as an international non-governmental and not-for-profit. The goal is promoting respect for human rights in the Arab arena. She holds a consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and the recipe organizational relationships UNESCO World, and observer status of bodies competent at the Arab League and the African Union.
  • It based on Cairo under an agreement signed with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, and includes 22 branches and founder member of the Arab states, including three branches in European countries to serve the Arab communities in the Diaspora. As well as the Institute for Training and Research and Documentation in the field of human rights in Tunisia participated in the establishing in 1989, and won the UNESCO World Award in the field of human rights education.
  • Its basic mandate is international law of human rights, and the values ​​derived from the heavenly religions and national constitutions, and abide by legal means in the performance of its functions.
  • Its main and interior system based on independence and democracy, it is independent of governments and parties, and freeze the membership of its members leaders who hold ministerial responsibilities or partisan until the end of their term of government or party. . And its General Assembly held periodic elections to their posts leadership and internal organs. And trading on retaining their positions of leadership since its inception four heads of the board of trustees, and three trustees two years, and its interior completely renewed.
  • rely on funding in membership fees and contributions, as well as partnerships and its system prohibits to receive aid from the government, and its finances are subject to four levels of internal controls, as well as audited by an international audit office.
  • Organization regularly issued annual reports, and  newsletter, and data media, books and studies in the field of competence. And regulate Arab and international conferences in the field of competence, is also involved in training programs at both the governmental and non-governmental sectors in various Arab countries, is also involved in-depth interviews with most of the Arab governments on ways to promote human rights and send a fact-finding missions in crisis areas .


The Arab Organization for Human Rights

President : Raji Sourani

Secretary-General: Alaa Shlaby

Members of the Board of Trustees : (In alphabetical order)

1- Amin Mekki Medani   Sudan
2- Asmaa khder    Jordan
3- HafezAbu Saada   Egypt
4- Hamid Fadlallah   Germany
5- HassanMoussa   Austria
6 -Raji Sourani ” Chairman of the Board “ Palestine
7- Rasim Atassi   Syria
8- Zyad abd elsmad   Lebanon
9- Seham Freeh   Kuwait    
10- Abd elbasset ben Hassan   Tunisia
11- abd alalah bin abd el slam   Morocco
12- abdul sattar bin mousa   Tunisia
13- Abdul Ghaffar Hussein   Emirates
14- Abdulla Alderazi   Bahrain
15- AlaaShalabi* Secretary-General Egypt
16- Abd elmoneim elhor   Libya
17-Omar al-FaruqHassan   Sudan
18- Fadl Ali Abdullah   Yemen
19 -Mohsen Awad   Egypt
20- Mohamed Elnshnash   Morocco
21- Mohamed Fayek   Egypt
22-MahaAl-Barjas Vice* President of the Council Kuwait

 Executive Director : Mohamed Radi

* Members of the Executive Committee


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