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Re : Urgent action required in light of recent escalation of violence in the OPT


It is with grave concern that the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC), respectfully submits this letter as an appeal to your Excellency to take immediate action towards the protection of Palestinians. In particular, we ask that you solicit support for the establishment of a UN Security Council group of experts to identify suitable means of protection for Palestinians in ... Read More »

Palestine …. Burning Nablus Baby is repeated terrorism crime


  Cairo, 1 August 2015   Palestine Burning Nablus Baby is repeated terrorism crime The World should condemn and ensure the punishment of the savage terrorists The occupation is the cause origin.. No way out unless this occupation ends   The Arab organization For Human rights (AOHR) express its deep condemnation to this new terrorism crime burning the Palestinian Baby ... Read More »

Khader Adnan : Human Dignity Triumphs over the Jailer


On Monday morning, 29 June 2015, the Prisoners’ Club declared that hunger striking detainee Khader Adnan had reached a deal with the Israeli Prison Service. According to the deal, Adnan would end his 56-day hunger strike in exchange for not being held under administrative detention by Israeli forces anymore and he would be released on 12 July. Adnan’s wife was ... Read More »

Yemen …. Organization condemns the killings of civilians and calls for an unconditional cease-fire and securing aid to those affected


Cairo on July 5, 2015 Arab Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the acts of direct shelling pursued by Houthi militias – Saleh in Yemen’s southern regions, particularly in Aden and Dali, as well as in Taiz. The organization recorded resumption of bombing civilian neighborhoods in Aden, and populated areas of displaced persons who have fled the combat zones by ... Read More »

The study of freedom of opinion and expression


The right of opinion and expression is one of the “absolute values” in the Human rights and collective freedoms system. It is not confined to its intrinsic value but it covers several collective freedoms that cannot be applied without the application of the freedom of opinion and expression. They are so related to collective freedoms such as freedom of forming ... Read More »

Study on the links between economic and social rights and legal empowerment of the poor in the Arab World


The concept of ‘Legal Empowerment of the Poor’ is a relatively new concept, but it is based on two well-established pillars in ‘development’ thinking: good governance, with its various components, and the eradication of poverty. Both pillars receive great attention in the UN literature. This concept also enriches two dimensions that are of great importance to economic and social rights; ... Read More »

Statement of the Board of Trustees


Press Release The Organization’s Board of Trustees concludes its Annual Meeting in Cairo .. The Board appoints Asma Kheidr and Ziad Abdel-Samad .. The Board demands adoption of citizenship in settling the Civil Conflicts .. The Board announces its solidarity with the Moroccan Association AOHR: Security Measures ‘solely insufficient to stop new Terrorism Patterns……….. Read More…..Press here   Read More »

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